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Everyday Hero of the Year Award 2017

The Everyday Hero of the Year Award is for an adult individual who has saved a life with first aid or has made an extraordinary first aid achievement.

Rachelle Miller - WINNER

Heroine saves stranger who passed out in driver's seat

Rachelle Miller came to the rescue of a stranger, Lewis Bond, who had passed out in his car and was in cardiac arrest, just hours after doing a first aid course. Rachelle managed to get Lewis out of the car, checked his pulse and then realising his heart had stopped, started to perform CPR while his friend telephoned 999. Rachelle continued to do CPR until the first responder arrived and took over. Eventually, they managed to get his heart started using a defibrillator after his heart had stopped for 24 minutes. Lewis was rushed to hospital and made a miraculous recovery after being fitted with an internal defibrillator.

Nathan Cane - Special Commendation

Off-duty firefighter saves TV news presenter's uncle

Firefighter, Nathan Cane was off-duty in Euston Station when he noticed a gentleman running to the train with his daughter and struggling for breath. He immediately sprang into action and found the man was in cardiac arrest. He began CPR, and called for a defibrillator and two British Transport Police Officers ran to retrieve one. He carried on giving CPR until they returned and then used the defib to bring John Newman, uncle of Channel 4's Cathy Newman, back to life. John was taken to hospital in an ambulance and had a heart bypass, and has made a full recovery.

Mark Farmer

Farm hero helps young man following amputated fingers in log incident

Mark Farmer was at a farm when a young man chopped off three of his fingers in a log-cutting accident. After checking there was no further danger to the casualty or anyone else, Mark sat the casualty down, raised the arm and applied pressure with his own hand. He dressed the wound and treated the casualty for shock. While he was dealing with the casualty, he ensured the amputated fingers were wrapped in cling film and a cloth then placed in a bag of frozen chips. After 14 hours of surgery, two of the casualty's fingers were able to be reattached, due to Mark’s fast thinking and quick treatment.

Adele Raiment

Daughter brings father back to life following CPR

Adele Raiment's father was recovering from a heart operation when he fell out of the car backwards into the middle of the road after suffering a cardiac arrest. Adele began CPR and managed to resuscitate him in the middle of the road, and the paramedics and emergency doctor arrived to take over. Adele was calm and said she had never expected to have to use the skills she had learned on her own father. Her father has made a full recovery.

Daniel Carr

Road traffic accident hero

Daniel Carr was travelling in a car with his partner when it skidded off the road on black ice, hit a telegraph pole and overturned. Daniel gave first aid to his partner, Jodie, who suffered a serious injury and was knocked unconscious, despite having fractured a rib himself. Jodie suffered severe lacerations to her head with glass embedded, the lacerations in places were deep enough to see her skull bone. Staying calm, Daniel managed to get out of the vehicle and move to the driver's side where he assessed Jodie’s injuries.

After checking and finding no obvious neck or spinal injuries, Daniel used his jacket as a temporary dressing to apply pressure to Jodie’s head wound. Daniel cleaned Jodie’s head wound as best he could and reassured and kept Jodie calm throughout, while monitoring her responsiveness and treating her for shock. The pair both made a full recovery thanks to Daniel's bravery.

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Award Finalists | St John Ambulance Everyday Heroes

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'I hope their stories will inspire many others to volunteer, learn new skills, and be confident to help when it really matters.'

Rev Richard Coles 2019


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