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Yours Community First Aid Champion Award 2017

The First Aid Champion is awarded to an individual or individuals who have excelled in promoting first aid and educating others.

Natasha Jones - WINNER

Mum dedicated to teaching parents first aid following daughter's health scare

Natasha’s daughter was 11 weeks old, and suddenly stopped breathing in the middle of the day. Natasha's maternal instinct kicked in and along with guidance from the call operator helped Ava-Mai, until the ambulance arrived. Natasha remained calm and composed and saved Ava’s life. She has since turned a negative experience into a positive, by devising, organising and recruiting for the courses she now runs.

Natasha runs, a not for profit community project offering resuscitation training to parents, grandparents and carers of children and babies. Her efforts have directly contributed to saving lives, and over 900 people have attended the courses.

Caroline and David Holland

Parents inspired by tragic incident on mission to promote first aid

Following the tragic incident of their daughter, Abbi Holland, having to have open heart surgery due to a simple cut to the knee, Caroline and David have been campaigning to raise awareness of basic first aid to make sure no child, or adult, ends up having to go through what Abbi has been through.

Abbi fell over in the school playground and scraped her knee. Her graze wasn’t cleaned properly and later that night Abbi became severely unwell, her temperature soared to 43C and she was rushed to hospital where she spent the next four months, due to a serious heart condition caused from an infection.

St Damian’s College

School goes the extra mile in local community

St Damian's College, a secondary school in Greater Manchester, is not only dedicated to providing first aid training for both employees and pupils, but also to providing first aid support within their community, ultimately making the community safer. Their commitment to first aid has ensured that they have been able to assist pupils, staff and members of the public in a number of ways, including attending road traffic accidents outside the school.

Defibrillators For All

Local charity passionate about life saving defibs

Defibrillators For All, a registered charity, has installed 35 public access defibrillators in Whittlesey. The charity has delivered awareness training sessions including all schools in the town and is now running a screening programme to detect young people at risk of sudden cardiac arrest. The founder Deborah Slator has been involved in many aspects of first aid and is passionate about increasing the number of public access defibrillators to ensure they are close by and can make a difference.

Dick Tracey

Oxfordshire's Ambulance Commander on first aid mission

As Oxfordshire’s ambulance commander Dick Tracey knows a thing or two about first aid. He began his own campaign to treble the number of public defibrillators across the county. It was, and still is, a huge success and thanks to Mr Tracey’s passion and unfaltering commitment hundreds of the life-saving devices have been installed in communities – outside village halls, pubs, even phone boxes. As part of his efforts Mr Tracey teaches first aid, on a voluntary basis to hundreds of people, and has successfully reached out to businesses – going into firms to show employees how to save lives.

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'I hope their stories will inspire many others to volunteer, learn new skills, and be confident to help when it really matters.'

Rev Richard Coles 2019


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