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Daily Mail first aid kit and card promotion

Essential first aid cards

St John Ambulance has teamed up with the Daily Mail to offer their readers the chance to collect a series of FREE essential first aid cards.

Starting this Saturday (24th September), readers will be able to collect a different card every day from their nearest Tesco, WHSmith or Eason store.

Including clear, easy to follow introductions to each emergency scenario, step-by-step guides and illustrations, these exclusive Daily Mail cards will help you care for your friends and family when they need you most.

The cards cover a number of essential life saving skills such as how to handle choking, heart attacks, CPR and more.

Over 150,000 people die every year when first aid gives them a chance to life, yet two thirds of people admit they would not know how to save a life. Working with the Daily Mail, the promotion aims to equip every reader with vital first aid knowledge, so that as many people as possible can be the difference between life and death.

Readers will also be able to collect a further six cards and a handy ring binder to keep them safe for a small fee, along with the the chance to collect 15 tokens between Saturday and 16 October to claim a free St John Ambulance first aid kit.

For more information please visit MailOnline or pick up a copy of the Daily Mail.