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St John Ambulance first aid advice to new parents

 Essential Baby Care Guide

St John Ambulance has provided essential first aid advice to parents as part of The Essential Baby Care Guide, a series of four DVDs for new mums and dads created by The Essential Parent Company.

Introduced and narrated by world renowned scientist, Professor Robert Winston, the DVDs feature impartial, practical, and life saving advice for new parents, from top experts in their field, as well as anecdotes from parents.

New parents feel they lack practical skills

Research commissioned by the Essential Parent Company shows that 79% of new parents feel they don’t have the practical skills necessary to care for their baby.

The First Aid and Accident Prevention DVD in the series contains advice from St John Ambulance on how to deal with common accidents such as burns and scalds, choking, and how to resuscitate an unconscious baby. Other DVDs in the series feature information about feeding, sleeping and care and development.

In addition to first aid advice from St John Ambulance, the guides feature advice from other highly regarded experts, including the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, Child Accident Prevention Trust, midwives and teachers.

Clear, practical information

Clive James, Training Development Manager at St John Ambulance said: ‘Having your first child can be daunting. There’s so much to think about and sometimes the abundance of information out there can overwhelm new parents.

‘These DVDs provide clear, practical and concise information from experts you can trust. Having first aid should be a vital part of becoming a parent so that they have the skills to be the difference between a life lost and a life saved.’

The Essential Baby Care Guide DVDs are being sold as a set or individually in John Lewis department stores around the country and on their website. The DVDs can also be bought online from The Essential Parent Company website.