Rethink your New Year’s resolution and make a life saving pact

Time for a resolution rethink?

As of today, 24 January, 30 million Britons will have broken their New Year’s resolutions.

By just the fourth week of the year, nearly two-thirds of people have already abandoned their fresh start.

But, it’s not too late to make a resolution that is easy to keep – and one that has potential to save a life.

Deciding to learn the four symptoms of a heart attack and know first aid treatment takes six seconds and stays with you year-long.

Symptoms (aka 4Ps):

  1. Pain (chest pain)
  2. Pulse (weak or rapid)
  3. Pale (ashen skin)
  4. Perspiration (or profuse sweating)


  • sit the patient down with knees bent
  • call 999
  • offer them 300mg of aspirin to chew

Each year in the UK, 92,000 people suffer heart attacks, and one-third of those die as a result. That’s over 30,000 people.

Rethinking your resolution is a quick and easy pledge that can be the difference for a loved one or a stranger. St John Ambulance believes that no one should die in a situation where first aid could have given someone a chance to live.

Tips for a successful resolution

The weather and post-holiday blues cause people to lose interest in their best – and sometimes costly – intentions, says behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings.

Jo says, ‘Making a new resolution today that is realistic, and teaches us a skill, will be easier to keep and make us feel good about ourselves.’

Jo’s advice for making successful resolutions:

  • It’s more satisfying to start something good instead of resolving to stop something bad in your life
  • Resolutions which have some responsibility outside of your own needs often feel more worthwhile, and are less likely to be broken
  • Making a resolution with another person, such as a friend, often helps us keep it
  • Resolutions are more successful if they are goal-orientated and can be monitored regularly. Keep your expectations realistic so you can reach targets that are manageable.

Sue Killen, CEO of St John Ambulance says: ‘It’s not too late to make a new resolution and to try something which is attainable – and potentially life saving.

‘Making a resolution this simple could enable you to be the difference between a life lost and a life saved.’