TV feature saves child’s life

Clive James with ITV presenters

A mother was able to save her child’s life after watching St John Ambulance demonstrate first aid on ITV1’s This Morning.

Sam Windebank, from North Baddlesley, Hampshire, found her daughter Maddie floating face down in a garden pond. The one-year-old had stopped breathing and turned blue after falling into the water.

Luckily Sam watched a feature on first aid led by Dr Chris Steele on the ITV1 show This Morning, including a demonstration of resuscitation, and was able to use these new skills to help Maddie regain consciousness. Doctors told Sam her quick thinking had made the difference between life and death.

It just shows how easy first aid is to learn but also the importance of it.

Clive James
Training Development Manager, St John Ambulance

Clive James, Training Development Manager at St John Ambulance, demonstrated CPR, the recovery position and the procedure for choking on the show. He said: ‘When we show people first aid on TV we always hope they’ll take something away from it but to hear that someone has saved their child’s life after watching is an amazing feeling. It just shows how easy first aid is to learn but also the importance of it. You can never predict when you might need it which is why we encourage people of all ages to learn.’

The organisation has courses from three hours to a few days in length. It’s also encouraging more schools to teach first aid.