Florence Jouan from JerseyFlorence Jouan

Miss Florence Jouan joined St John Ambulance in 1943 and had many stories of great interest of her work at the General Hospital and Overdale during the Occupation. Here is a short extract of her experience:

‘One day I was disinfecting beds, I was right under the bed when I heard heavy footsteps and saw some German military boots. I slowly emerged from under the bed and stood in front of two hefty looking Germans... I discovered that they were two very senior doctors who asked how scabies were treated. Not wishing to let St John Ambulance down I uttered one word, ‘Sulphur’ and the Germans were pleased that I knew about it.

No words can describe how we felt after the liberation. It seemed all the country came to town. For many days we were on duty all day long treating faints, cuts and bruises as people crowded to see the British soldiers arriving.’

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