Badgers - for five to 10 year olds

St. John Ambulance badgers are children between the ages of five and 10 years old. Badgers have a very fun and active programme. Badgers get to wear a uniform, play games, do crafts, learn lots of new things, make new friends, and become a Badger first Aider.

Are you five-10 years old?

Want to go Camping and take part in Fun and Exciting actives?

Being a Badger is all about taking part in the Super Badger award – this highest award a Badger can get. Badgers get a chance to help decide what subjects they want to learn. You can choose from things like:
  • bandaging
  • looking after animals
  • magic tricks
  • t-shirt making
  • games.

Badgers also get to go on activity weekends, and also take part in competitions, as well as having a lot of fun!

When the Super Badger award is collected, and Badgers are close to going to Cadets, they then get called "follow-me badger". A follow-me Badger helps the unit leader with lots of special jobs, including looking after new Badgers when they join. Being a follow-me Badger is a special job, which is a lot of fun. Badgers also have a special promise that they say and a uniform too.

Find out more details about the exciting programme for five-10 year olds. You can find out your local sett by calling 08700 10 49 50, or Contact us by email.

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Bertie Badger looks forward to seeing you soon!