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Charity Challenge builds confidence for Gosport youngster

Amalfi award badge

A charity challenge is helping to build the confidence of a Gosport student, as well as raising funds for local community branches of St John Ambulance.

Rory Harper, 20, is working towards the St John Ambulance Amalfi Award, which provides a flexible framework for 16 to 25 year olds to undertake a programme of personal development.

Rory has already passed his driving test, taken part in the Great South Run dressed as St John Ambulance mascot Bertie Badger and completed a First Diploma in Public Services and Community Sports Leaders Award as part of his Amalfi challenge. Now he takes a big step forward to the final award this weekend when he will fundraise for the first aid charity at Sainsbury’s in Broadcut Fareham.

A member of St John Ambulance, Rory said: “I have tried things I would never have dreamed of trying before thanks to the Amalfi programme. I am so grateful to St John Ambulance for this programme. It has really helped me to build my confidence. I would recommend the scheme to any young adult as it is a great motivator.”

Rory added: “I have taken a day off work when I will be fundraising for St John Ambulance at Sainsbury’s in Fareham. It will be great to give something back and I hope that people will stop for a chat about the charity and its work. St John Ambulance also teaches first aid in local communities, so that anyone can be the difference between a life lost and a life saved.”