Love at first aid

hampshire first aid wedding coupel

St John Ambulance trainer Kevin Inskip unwittingly played Cupid when he paired two first aid students to learn the kiss of life, heart massage and how to tie bandages.

Match maker

Now, Jim Jones and Carol James are planning to tie the knot in August after getting together on the course in Southampton back in January 2005.

Kevin said: ‘Learning first aid really can change your life! Match making isn’t normally part of my job but I’m delighted to have brought them together!

Learning first aid really can change your life!

Kevin Inskip
First aid trainer

Jim and Carol, of Hedge End, near Southampton, were total strangers when their respective employers enrolled them on the St John Ambulance first aid course.

They hit it off straight away and Welshman Jim, finally proposed earlier this year. He said: ‘I would like to say a sincere thank you! I actually saw Kevin about a year after Carol and I met and he did say he was very pleased for us both. He joked about the prospects of marriage and at the time I just smiled!’

Jim is planning to do another St John Ambulance first aid course later this year.