Nurse is new Hampshire Commander

Pat Morris

A first aider who joined the charity St John Ambulance as an 11-year-old has been appointed to the most senior voluntary role in Hampshire.

Committed member

Mrs Pat Morris, from Beauworth, near Alresford, has become Commander of St John Ambulance in Hampshire and will now lead the county’s team of more than 1,000 volunteers.

She joined St John Ambulance (Emsworth division) as a schoolgirl because she was keen on a career in nursing and remembers: 'We used to help out at the local old people’s homes and I remember learning how to feed people.'

I am really looking forward to working with our amazing volunteers across the county

Pat Morris
Commander, St John Ambulance Hampshire

Mrs Morris later trained at Hammersmith Hospital and returned to Hampshire in the 1980s working as a community nurse.

She rejoined St John Ambulance when her daughter became a Cadet and she gradually worked her way up the ranks.

Nigel Atkinson, Chairman of St John Ambulance in Hampshire, said: 'We are absolutely delighted by Pat’s appointment. She is a committed member of the charity and is respected by our members.'

Pat added: 'I am really looking forward to my new role and to working with our amazing volunteers across the county.

'St John Ambulance is a wonderful organisation that provides so many opportunities for adults and children alike.'