On duty for the NHS in Hampshire

Snow support

St John Ambulance in Hampshire is on major incident alert [Thursday 2 December] to help the NHS and other statutory agencies.

Ready for emergency

The charity has asked all members to be prepared for duty, all vehicles to be ready for deployment and all St John Ambulance buildings to be made ready for emergency use.

Volunteers are already out on duty supporting the NHS.

I am in direct contact with the SCAS Operational Manager to maintain communications about crews required.

Dan Bevis
County Ambulance Officer, Hampshire

Now, the Hampshire branch of the charity has declared a Major Incident Standby:

  • All vehicles are being made ready to mobilise
  • All available ambulance qualified members are prepared r mobilisation to support local ambulance operations
  • All available first aider and support members are prepared for mobilisation to support local rest centres
  • All headquarters are accessible and prepared ready to receive local residents
  • All non-essential travel, meetings, including unit meetings, and interviews are being reviewed

The charity has several 4x4 ambulances and one crew last night took over an hour to drive 20 miles from Fareham to Alresford to reach an inaccessible call.

This afternoon the following crews are on duty:

  • 4x4 ambulance in Alton from 1200hrs
  • 4x4 ambulance in Fareham from 1315hrs
  • 4x4 ambulance in Winchester/Southampton.
  • 4x4 unit with Advanced First Aid driver from 1800hrs.

One member of St John Ambulance driving his own 4x4 to do crew movements, conveying suitable patients to hospital, and taking SCAS crews to scene. 

St John’s Ambulance Officer (Hampshire) Dan Bevis said: ‘I envisage our support to SCAS continuing until Friday night or Saturday morning when the weather is due to settle slightly.’

St John has 1,000 volunteers across the county who give first aid and care to the public each year. 

Dan Bevis, St John’s Ambulance Officer in Hampshire, said: ‘I am in direct contact with the SCAS Operational Manager to maintain communications about crews required.

‘St John Ambulance is proving yet again that we are a vital part of the emergency response system.

‘We support our local communities and the statutory NHS services in times of crisis.’

Last winter, St John volunteers crewed 4x4 vehicles to help patients who couldn’t be reached in traditional ambulances. They clocked up 3,000 shifts helping deliver babies, treat broken limbs and set up rest centres for those unable to reach their homes in the heavy snow.