SJA first aid training Wellington Somerset

Wellington St John Ambulance has served it's community for over 80 years, the division opened in 1930 providing an emergency ambulance service. Today we are as busy as ever, we provide first aid and ambulance support at many public events treating anyone who is ill or injured in any way, we run public first aid courses, teaching life saving skills to members of the community and we have two large and very active youth groups where we teach children not just first aid but many other vital skills such as teamwork and leadership, whilst having lots of fun of course!




Aged over 16? We're looking for volunteer first aiders and ambulance crews. We train a range of first aid and ambulance skills required to cope in any emergency.

Youth groups

Badgers in Avon having funWe have two very active youth groups; Badgers aged 5-10 and Cadets aged 10-18. Both groups learn many subjects such as safety, first aid, and care skills.


First aid cover

Motocross 4x4 and frontline ambulances

We provide first aid cover for any event, no matter how large or small. Please book or email us for your event.


Training courses

Learning resusitation

We offer a wide range of community first aid courses to the public.


Contact us

St John Ambulance HQ                 Victoria Street                               Wellington                                     
Somerset TA21 8HR
Tel: 01823 661444                      Contact us by email

Adults meet each Tuesday from 7:30pm - 9:30pm

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