First aid courses for the general public

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We offer training courses for members of the public. The courses differ slightly, but each of them will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to deal with both minor incidents and major emergencies, such as severe bleeding, heart attacks, choking and an unresponsive casualty who has stopped breathing.  

Group training is available at the premises of your choice.  All attendees will be continually assessed by a trainer, and receive a certificate of attendance.

Baby first aid

A variety of first aid topics are taught including baby CPR. The topics are taught in line with babies’ developmental stages, helping to prepare parents and carers for the first year and beyond.

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Essential first aid (adult)

This course covers:

  • dealing with serious conditions and incidents
  • emergency life support techniques for adult casualties
  • what to do when initially faced with an emergency.

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Essential first aid (all ages)

This course covers:

  • dealing with serious conditions and incidents
  • what to do when faced with an emergency involving a casualty of any age
  • emergency life support procedures for adults, children and infants.

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Basic first aid

This course covers:

  • everyday first aid skills
  • how to deal with minor and deteriorating conditions in any casualty.

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Essential and basic first aid

A comprehensive course which combines elements from both the essential and basic first aid courses.

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Basic sports first aid

Teaches the necessary first aid skills to deal with a wide range of sporting incidents. 

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Activity first aid

This course covers how to deal with conditions related to leisure, sporting activities and the outdoors.

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Essential first aid - sports and Essential first aid (child + infant)

These two courses are only available in the East of England.

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Need first aid to register with your professional body?

Most organisations will accept a one day Emergency First Aid at Work course. Ensure this is the right course for you.

First aid kits and books

We sell a range of first aid and health and safety products for your home or office environment.

Free mobile first aid app

Free mobile first aid app

Get first aid advice at your fingertips with our free app for Android, Apple and BlackBerry.

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