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First aid kit - resources and lesson plans

It is vital to have a first aid kit at home, and also a good idea to keep one in the boot of the car. It’s important that the first aid kit is accessible and children know where to find it in case of emergency.

Lesson overview – first aid kit

In this lesson, students will learn why it’s important to keep a first aid kit and what needs to go in a first aid kit.

The lesson plan includes suggested activities, such as making a list of what first aid equipment they would need to take on a camping trip and drawing a map of where first aid kits are located in the school. There are also suggested further exercises, including designing information signs and marking on a map where first aid kits would need to be in a leisure centre.

Get first aid in school on the PSHE curriculum

We need your help - if you agree that first aid should be part of the PSHE school curriculum, your voice needs to be heard now.

Find out more about how you can help get first aid in school on the PSHE curriculum.

More information

Get more information on how to use a first aid kit in our first aid advice.

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