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Keeping safe and warm - resources and lesson plans

This first aid lesson explains the importance of keeping safe and warm while on a Duke of Edinburgh camping expedition.

If someone is displaying irrational or aggressive behaviour, a lack of coordination or failure to comprehend basic questions, they could have hypothermia. This lesson teaches students how to keep warm while they wait for help to arrive, and how to seek help safely.

Lesson overview - keeping safe and warm

The lesson plan is split into whole class and group work activities encouraging students to identify ways of keeping warm, such as shelter from wind, spare dry clothing and drinking hot, sweet drinks.

The lesson also covers what to do while waiting for help to arrive, such as making the site visible to rescuers.


More information

Additional teaching resources for Duke of Edinburgh expeditions, including lesson plans and resources for hypothermia, are available in our Duke of Edinburgh Expedition First Aid course.

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Pupil practising a head bandage.