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Poisoning - resources and lesson plans

Poisons come in various forms and can enter the body in different ways. This first aid teaching module helps students understand the dangers of poisons and know what to do if they suspect someone has been poisoned.

Lesson overview – poisoning

By the end of the lesson, students will:

  • • be aware of different types of poisons, such as household detergents, drugs, and undercooked meat
  • • understand how poisons can enter the body
  • • know how to give initial first aid treatment to someone who has been poisoned
  • • know to collect evidence for the emergency services of what could have caused the poisoning.

The teaching resources include a lesson plan with suggested timed activities, such as creating a flow chart for first aid treatment.

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More information

Get more information about poisoning in the first aid section of our website. You can find out about different types of poisoning, such as drug, alcohol and food poisoning and what to do when someone has swallowed poisons.

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