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Fundraise for St John Ambulance

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You can be a life saver without ever needing to open a first aid kit. Supporting St John Ambulance helps us put our first aid trainers in schools, equip our volunteers and run our ambulances. Our training saves lives.

Text AID to 70030 to donate £5.

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How your donation saves lives

£4: The price of a meal deal lunch can give a child a 60-minute first aid lesson in school

£7: The price of two pints of beer can run one of our ambulances for a day

£25: The price of a takeaway for two allows us to equip someone with the first aid skills to save a life

£40: The price of your monthly TV package can train a volunteer to give first aid at events like football matches and concerts

£60: The price of a pair of trainers can provide a volunteer with the kit they need to save a life

£100: The price of your family’s weekly shop can train a young person to teach other young people in essential first aid skills

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Run the Royal Parks Half Marathon

Lace up and fundraise for St John Ambulance. Get your place now!

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