Are you a superhero skydiver or a superhero stroller?

Skydive 2014

We are challenging people to unleash their inner superhero with two fantastic new fundraising events – the Superhero Skydive and the Superhero Stroll.

Superhero Skydive

Think of superheroes and you probably picture caped crusaders soaring through the skies, and swooping down to earth to rescue people in peril. The kind of thing you only get in comic books, right? Wrong!

Sign up for St John Ambulance’s Superhero Skydive this year, and you’ll get to experience the exhilaration of having the wind in your hair and the most incredible view of the earth below you – while back on the ground, the money you raise will be used to teach ordinary people the skills to be the difference between life and death.

·         Fundraise £395 for SJA and jump for free

·         Jump from at least 10,000 feet – Just like the professionals

·         Free-fall down to 5,000 feet – falling through the air at 120 mph

·         Jump and training completed in one day

·         Harnessed to a qualified instructor at all times

·         A once in life time opportunity

Some restrictions apply please email or call us on 0207 324 4168 if you have any question or for your information pack. 

Or sign up today at our trusted parachuting partners website.

Superhero Stroll

Super stroll 2014

Anyone can take part in the Superhero Stroll. We want you to pick out your favourite superhero costume – from a comic book t-shirt to a full-on shiny bodysuit – and take a sponsored stroll for us.

You can get creative and design some marvellous masks for a lunchtime walk with your work or classmates, or just grab all the lycra you can lay your hands on and head out on a Saturday night tour of the town with your most fantastic friends.

The more money we raise, the more people we can help. So why not team up with your friends, colleagues, school or community group to boost your fundraising total?

For your Superhero Stroll information pack or if you have any questions, please contact us at or call us on 0207 324 4168.

Help us save lives - donate

Basic first aid knowledge saves lives. Support our volunteers and help us provide more people with basic life saving knowledge.

Rescue Run

 Rescue runHave fun being a first aid hero on our interactive Rescue Run game.

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