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We use a professional fundraising agency, like many other charities, to help us raise the most funds we can. For over 20 years, we have been fundraising door-to-door with Wesser Ltd, a well-established family run business that has raised over £62 million from our loyal door-to-door supporters across the country. Wesser Ltd are subject to regular audits to ensure the highest level of service is provided.

All door-to-door fundraisers wear a St John Ambulance branded t-shirt, body warmer, or coat, and carry a professional ID badge with all legally-required details. They go from door-to-door, talking to people about our work and asking them to consider supporting us by giving a regular donation by direct debit.

Wesser Ltd have recruited over 350,000 supporters for St John Ambulance through speaking to our door-to-door fundraisers. We continue to increase awareness of first aid and support for our work through our door-to-door activity, which in turn means we can save more lives across the UK.

What if I’ve changed my mind or my bank details change?

If you registered to give through a door-to-door fundraiser, please contact or call 0800 500 3093. Please provide us with your name, address, and reference number, if available.

If I want to make a complaint what do I do?

If you’re unhappy about something, please call our team on 0800 500 3093 or email Please provide as much information as you can so we can investigate all complaints thoroughly and as quickly as possible. A location and description of a fundraiser could be essential to any investigation.


Why do you pay a company to conduct your door-to-door fundraising?

Many charities use a professional fundraising agency to do door-to-door fundraising for them to raise the most funds they can. We use Wesser Ltd who employ fully-trained fundraising professionals who comply with industry regulations.

All fundraisers are required to read a solicitation statement to all new supporters on the door explaining the arrangement that we have with Wesser Ltd. Supporters are also given a document entitled ‘Your Direct Debit’, which gives more information as to how donating helps us over the long term.


How much of my donation goes to Wesser Ltd and to St John Ambulance?

Over the next 5 years, St John Ambulance aim to raise over £4,588,500 from supporters that Wesser Ltd recruit in 2018. Over this period, St John Ambulance will pay Wesser Ltd in the region of £907,200 based on an agreed fundraising fee for each donation. St John Ambulance seeks long-term supporters through door-to-door fundraising. This ensures it is effective in supporting us to continue our life saving work.

Most types of fundraising require investment from the charity upfront. However, St John Ambulance does not pay Wesser Ltd any fees before supporters are recruited, or are recruited and then immediately cancel their donation. Wesser Ltd is only paid when they successfully recruit supporters, so there is no financial risk for us. This means we don’t have to divert much needed funds from our charitable services.

Do your fundraisers get commission?

Our fundraisers are paid an hourly rate for their work in line with the national minimum wage. They also receive a small commission-based income which is defined by the quality of their work.

What to expect if you meet a St John Ambulance fundraiser

St John Ambulance door to door fundraiser.

What approach do your fundraisers use?

Our fundraisers encourage people to donate because they want to save lives and help us build a nation of life savers. We want people to be left with a positive image and a desire to support our work over a long period of time. We do not condone high-pressure sales tactics.

Wesser Ltd staff are trained in the values and ethics of St John Ambulance and they are expected to live up to those while fundraising. They are also are provided with a Fundraising Code of Conduct, which clearly states that they should not present to anyone who is vulnerable. We act in accordance with the Institute of Fundraising’s Code of Fundraising Practice.

After attending Wesser Ltd training, a representative from the Institute of Fundraising said:

“Vulnerability was covered very thoroughly. I thought this was a great strength of the training, and probably the best example I’ve seen. Obviously, a lot of time and thought has been devoted to this important area.”

Why don’t your volunteers do door-to-door fundraising?

Our volunteers focus on providing first aid. They make an incredible impact caring for people in need at public events and out in their community. Door-to-door fundraising is actually a very difficult skill and requires lots of training and support. We can raise more money and focus on our life saving work by paying Wesser Ltd to employ professionals to fundraise for us.

However, if you would like to volunteer as a fundraiser for us, please visit as we are always looking for help!

What will the fundraisers ask for?

Our fundraisers go door-to-door, asking members of the public to pledge regular donations to St John Ambulance by Direct Debit. Our fundraisers will ask for non-sensitive details such as a sort code and account number. They will input any details into a small tablet, which ensures your details are kept safe and encrypted from the moment you sign up.

A small, regular gift given in this way is very beneficial to St John Ambulance, as Direct Debits are cost effective to administer and the regularity of the gift helps us plan effectively. They’ll never ask for cash or cheques at the door.

If you would prefer to make a one-off donation, you can request a freepost envelope from the fundraiser to send in a cheque/postal order. We advise that cash is not sent through the post. Alternatively, you can donate via our website.

On occasion the use of paper mandates may be needed. In this circumstance, all mandates are securely stored under lock and key in accordance with rules and regulations.

Will the local authority know that St John Ambulance is fundraising in the area?

Yes, we attempt to contact the police and licensing department of the local council before the fundraisers start working in any area. We also make every effort to contact local Neighbourhood Watch groups.

Do your fundraisers visit houses in No Cold Calling areas?

We do not enter any No Cold Calling Zones that are legally set up in collaboration with the Trading Standards Board, as outlined in the Fundraising Regulator Code of Fundraising Practice. We also will not call on houses with any visible 'no cold calling' or 'no charity callers' sign.


How do I know that the person calling at the door is legitimate?

All our fundraisers carry a letter of authority from our Company Secretary. The letter states that they are collecting under our Exemption Order as outlined by Home Office regulations.

If you would like to check a fundraiser’s details, please call the Supporter Hotline on 0800 500 3093. Details can be found on official identification cards, which are required by law and worn by all our fundraisers.

How secure is my donation and my personal details?

We treat security as a priority as every day we handle the details of hundreds of people. We will only use the information you give us on secure tablet devices to collect the contribution you’ve agreed to from your account. We won’t use it for anything else, as outlined under the Data Protection Act 2018.

Will you pass my details on?

No, don’t worry. We comply with the Data Protection Act and won’t share your details with any other external party unless required to do so by law.