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Trudi Scrase

Horsham-based Mum Trudi Scrase, 36, was glad of her first aid skills when her daughter Lucy, now three, began to choke at nine weeks old.

Trudi explained: ‘Lucy was suffering from a cold and had kept my partner and I awake for most of the night. We both drifted off to sleep but when I woke up and checked on Lucy, I was horrified to find that her body had become floppy and she was turning blue.’

Luckily Trudi had first aid knowledge and instantly knew to give Lucy back slaps dislodging the phlegm which had blocked her airway.

Trudi said: ‘By the time the ambulance arrived Lucy was breathing normally again and was her usual giggly self. I was just so glad that my years of St John Ambulance first aid training meant that I knew what to do to be able to save her life.

First aid really can be the difference between life and death and having to deal with Lucy’s incident just shows how essential it is for parents of babies and young children to learn first aid sooner rather than later.'