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Donate for defibs

Donate for Defibs

When a heart stops, you're up against the clock

So if you had the chance to make sure there was lifesaving equipment in your neighbourhood, would you take it? We thought you might.

Because the next time someone's heart stops it could be your parent, your friend, your neighbour. That's why we need you to get behind our campaign, Donate for Defibs.

As you probably know, defibrillators, AEDs, defibs, amazing heart fixing machine - whatever you call them: they save lives. Lives of all ages, every single week.

Survival rates fall by 10% every minute without action, yet using a defibrillator within three minutes of a cardiac arrest can improve a person's chance of survival as much as 70%.

But there just aren't enough of them in communities around the country. Too many people aren't given a chance because there isn't a defibrillator nearby - and let's remember that cardiac arrest can happen to anyone.

Help us make sure wherever you are, a defibrillator is never far away.

We need you to help raise enough money to equip the nation with these life saving machines. We don’t mind how you do it - jump out of a plane for sponsorship, hold a cake sale, give up booze for a month, break a world record, or simply dig deep - and a make a donation of your very own.

So let's get fundraising and save some lives. You raise the money, we do the rest.

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