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Infant and baby choking - resources and lesson plans

Choking occurs when the airway becomes fully or partly blocked. Babies and young children are more prone to choking because they sometimes put objects in their mouths which can get stuck and block the airway.

A baby or child will get upset very quickly if they’re choking, so you’ll need to act fast in this situation. If the blockage is severe they may also lose responsiveness.

Lesson overview – infant and baby choking

By the end of this first aid lesson, students will be able to:

  • • identify when an infant or baby is choking
  • • know what to do if an infant or baby is choking.

Looking for Key Stage first aid lesson plans and resources?

We have created a range of first aid lesson plans and teaching resources for Key Stage 2, Key stage 3, and Key Stage 4. Our teaching pathways cover the new first aid requirements for health education.

View our Key Stage first aid teaching resources.

Pupil practising a head bandage.

More information

Get more information about choking children and babies in the first aid advice section of our website, where you can also watch our video on how to give first aid treatment to a choking baby.

We’ve also produced this 40-second animated advert, The Chokeables, that teaches people what to do if their baby is choking.

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