Associate Membership Insurance

It is St John Ambulance’s charitable mission to teach as many people as possible essential first aid skills.

We believe it also vitally important that people have the confidence to use these skills without hesitation wherever, and whenever, an accident occurs.

In acknowledgement of this, St John Ambulance will provide all students who successfully pass one of the courses below with Associate Membership Insurance cover for the duration of the validity of their training qualification.

This insurance covers students against claims arising from first aid they may have delivered outside of their workplace responsibilities and when not covered by employer's (or any other) insurance*.

We believe so strongly in the value of providing this re-assurance, and are so confident in the standards of our training delivery, that we will automatically provide all students who successfully pass one of our First aid at work, Emergency aid for appointed persons and AED courses with this Associate Membership Insurance at no extra charge.

*A first aider acting on behalf of an association or club must do so under the insurance of that club or association. Associate Membership Insurance does not cover the first aider in such instances.

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