Essential first aid (child and infant) East of England only

This course deals with emergency situations and childhood medical conditions affecting children and infants commonly faced by families and parents.

Who should attend?

Members of the public who want to learn how to deal with accidents and injuries relating to infants, children and adults.

We welcome young people from the age of 12 onto all our community first aid courses. If under the age of 16, a responsible adult member of the family or guardian must be in attendance for the duration of the course. The adult/guardian can be responsible for 2 young people per course, and must book a place on the course if they wish to be trained and receive a certificate.

What will you learn?

The course covers accidents and emergencies with children and infants.

Course content

  • Communication and casualty care
  • Resuscitation – Child & Infant
  • Choking – Child & Infant
  • Bleeding
  • Looking after yourself and the casualty
    Treatment of an unresponsive casualty
  • Childhood conditions - asthma, croup, burns, meningitis and seizures

Course duration

Three hours.

The following 'add-on' options are available with our Essential first aid courses:

  • auto-injector demonstration (extra 30 minutes)
  • AED demonstration (extra 30 minutes)

Please use our on-line course search to find a course near you or you can call customer services on 0844 770 4800 to check availability.

Assessment and certification

Continuous assessment by trainer.

Please note this course is only available in the East of England.

Is this training for me?

To learn first aid skills appropriate for use in the workplace you should complete a First aid at work or Emergency first aid at work course. If you’re unsure what first aid training is appropriate for your workplace, use our free requirements calculator.

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