Promote first aid in your workplace

As the one to book your business' first aid training, you could be the difference between life and death for your colleagues.

Although booking a first aid course with St John Ambulance is easy, getting your colleagues to volunteer to go on the course and making sure the budget is signed off first is often more challenging. The St John Ambulance First aid promotion toolkit is a series of items for you to download in order to promote the benefits of being first aid trained at work.

Here is what is included in the first aid promotion toolkit download, and the best ways to use each item:

'Be the one' poster

The A4 and A3 sized posters should be used to promote first aid training around the office. Print off as many as you wish, and put them up in your kitchens, staff rooms and toilets. Before long your colleagues will be knocking on your door to get signed up.

be the one image

'Be the one' flyer

The flyer gives more detail on being first aid trained at work and the benefits of signing up to a course. Make sure to print these off and drop them on desks for people to have a read over in their spare time.

Be the one flyer image

The business benefits

There is no doubt that learning the skills to save a life is essential. Finding budget and time to spare away from the office can often be a sticking point when signing off training. This one pager gives detailed benefits of using St John Ambulance as opposed to other first aid providers. Email it on or print it off to give to whoever holds the purse strings.

Business benefits image

Email to colleagues

An email can often be the best way to sell in first aid training to relevant colleagues. We have put together a suggested email to send on to your boss and also to your other colleagues in the businesses – explaining what first aid training if available for your workplace and how they can sign up. Just copy and paste the text, fill in the relevant gaps and press send. It may be worth attaching some of the other items for added impact.

email image
If you would like to talk to anyone at St John Ambulance further about promoting first aid training internally please email or call 0844 225 1312
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injuries occurred in the workplace, from minor injuries to life-threatening conditions.

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