First aid rooms or areas at work

The HSE has provided employers with improved guidance on the equipment that should be included in a workplace first aid room.

What should a first aid room or area include?
You should consider your workplace’s specific hazards when choosing your first aid equipment and supplies as well as the size of your workplace and the number of employees in each area.

The HSE’s guidance recommends that your workplace first aid room, or designated safe first aid area, should have:

  • First aid signs, advising of the names, locations and, if appropriate telephone extensions of first aiders and how to contact them
  • A sink with hot and cold running water
  • Drinking water with disposable cups
  • Soap and paper towels
  • A store for first aid materials (eg. a first aid cabinet)
  • Appropriately stocked portable first aid kit(s)
  • Foot operated refuse containers, lined with disposable, yellow clinical waste bags or a container suitable for the safe disposal of clinical waste
  • An examination / medical couch with waterproof protection and clean pillows and blankets (a paper couch roll may be used that is changed between casualties)
  • A telephone or other communication equipment
  • A record book for recording incidents attended by a first aider or appointed person

Have you considered safe movement of the immobile?
61% of employers admit they don’t have suitable equipment for moving casualties. An evacuation chair and training in its correct use for the safe movement of casualties, either to a designated safe first aid room/area for treatment or for safe evacuation in an emergency, is vital in most workplaces.

Do you have a life saving defibrillator?

Each year, 60,000 people suffer cardiac arrest outside of hospitals. It can happen to anyone at any time and for each minute that passes without defibrillation, the chances of survival falls by up to 10%. An automated external defibrillator (AED) is really straightforward to operate and will safely deliver a shock to a casualty in cardiac arrest.

Have you got appropriately stocked first aid kits within easy reach of all employees?

A first aider should be able to get a first aid kit and reach the casualty within 60 seconds of an initial call for assistance. For guidance on how many kits your workplace requires use our kit calculator at

Is your equipment in stock and ready for use?

It’s important to make sure your first aid kit is stocked with the appropriate first aid consumables for your workplace (eg. if you work with hazardous substances effective eye wash is essential).

You should replace used items as soon as they are used so that they are not missing from your kit. Items that have passed their expiry date should be disposed of and replaced.

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