Young first aider teacher guide

St John Ambulance believes that it is never too early to start learning first aid and that all young people should leave school with these vital skills.

To help encourage this important area of learning we have developed Young first aider, which replaces the Young Lifesaver package and is suitable for teachers to use themselves. The resources include film clips that should be used in conjunction with the comprehensive and easy to follow teacher guide, which is complete with lesson plans, differentiated worksheets and skills tests.

Young first aider can be delivered in three parts. The timings are very flexible and the teacher can use as many or as few of the worksheets and supporting materials as they are comfortable with. As a minimum the young people need to have watched the film clips and performed the skills satisfactorily.

There are a range of courses within Young first aider for you to choose from. Alternatively you can choose to teach any topic(s) relevant to your group. The topic grid shows various courses that could be delivered within a school or youth group setting; however, you can create a bespoke course specific for your young people.

Young first aider samples

Below you will find examples of resources included within the pack:

View the content of Young first aider and the Youth first aid qualification.