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New draft guidance for businesses

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has published new draft guidance for businesses ahead of proposed changes to first aid regulations.

Guidance for employers

The two guidance documents help businesses:

  • make an assessment of first aid requirements within their specific workplace
  • select an appropriate first aid training provider to deliver their training requirements within the new system.

Both guidance documents are available from the HSE website.

Changes to first aid regulations

Richard Evens, St John Ambulance Commercial Training Director said:

‘The HSE’s move to deregulate workplace first aid training means that from October, businesses will no longer be limited to choosing a training provider approved by the regulatory body.  Employers will therefore have greater flexibility to select their own trainer, but they should carry out thorough checks to ensure that quality of training is not compromised.

‘Until the proposed changes take effect, the existing law applies, so all first aid training should continue to be carried out by an HSE-approved training provider.’







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