First aid volunteers

Three SJA volunteers attending to an accident victim

Our volunteers are trained in first aid to treat all sorts of injuries ranging from headaches to heart attacks. They use these skills to provide first aid treatment at a wide variety of public events. Volunteers often arrange further medical assistance and transport for patients, or provide comfort and rest to people in need of more prolonged care.

What does it involve?


Using your first aid skills to treat people with injuries. You could be the first person on the scene of an accident and may be able to help in the following ways:

To me there is nothing greater than helping to save lives. It's wonderful to know you can make a difference.

First aid volunteer
  • Assessing a patient
  • Dealing with unconscious patients
  • Dealing with patients who are not breathing
  • Dealing with injuries and bleeding.  

Many of our first aid volunteers go on to progress to other roles within first aid volunteering, these might include: 

  • First aid trainer.


You don't need any previous first aid experience, as our training will equip you with all the skills you need for the role.

The next steps

To find out more about first aid volunteering you can view our introduction to volunteering or you can telephone 08700 10 49 50 to be put through to your local St John Ambulance branch.