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County Priory Group Member – (East) 
The Priory of England and the Islands is one of eleven international Priories of the Order of St John, and our work of providing care to people in need is carried out on behalf of the Priory by its subsidiary St John Ambulance, England's premier first aid charity.

County Priory Groups (CPGs) undertake the important work of the Priory at a County level and have a wide range of responsibilities including: 

  • liaising with Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenantresponsibility for local Honours and Awards.
  • organising the unique annual Order of St John Award for Organ Donation Ceremonies.
  • fundraising for local St John projects, the Priory, St John Ambulance and St John Eye Hospital in Jerusalem.
  • supporting local St John Ambulance units.
  • promoting the faith aspects of the Order through St John County Chaplains.

We are currently seeking new members to join the CPG in (East), with particular experience in (specify skill set such as fundraising, Honours & Awards etc.). If you would really like to make a difference in your County and have the necessary skills required, we would very much like to hear from you. 

More information about our history can be found at; and

If you are an existing volunteer and would like to apply please apply here

If you are a new volunteer please apply via the link below.

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