Emergency response

St John Ambulance emergency response vehicle

St John Ambulance responds to hundreds of local incidents and major accidents each year. We play a crucial role in supporting frontline emergency services when help is needed.

Our volunteers are fully-trained and always on hand to offer assistance and support to those in need. We respond quickly, providing vital help when major emergencies, road accidents, weather incidents and fires occur.

St John Ambulance supporting emergency services

In addition to supporting the NHS Ambulance Service on a daily basis, St John Ambulance also respond to significant and major emergencies.

In recent years St John Ambulance have:

• Responded to requests from ambulance services to support the 999 service, allowing the NHS focus on major transport accidents
• Mobilised ambulances, 4 x 4 vehicles and command and control vehicles at times of severe weather including snow and storms
• Provided first aid cover at evacuation centres and a house-to-house welfare service in areas of inland flooding or at risk of flooding – such as during the 2014 flood emergencies
• Evacuated residents from care homes where a utility failure has occurred
• Responded to support A&E departments where an “internal major emergency” has been declared due to exceptional demand.

National and local emergency planning

St John Ambulance is actively engaged with formal civil contingency structures and activities.

• Nationally with the Cabinet Office and the Voluntary Sector Contingencies Planning Forum, agreeing and formatting agreed response protocols for resilience events
• Locally working as partners with Local Resilience Forums.

Whatever happens we will be ready to respond.