Emergency response

Tewkesbury Signpost

St John Ambulance responds to hundreds of local incidents and major accidents each year. We play a crucial role in supporting the emergency services when help is needed.

Our volunteers are fully-trained and always on hand to offer assistance and support to those in need. They respond quickly, providing vital help when major emergencies, road accidents, weather incidents and fires occur. Whatever happens, from setting up an evacuation centre to attending a major accident, we will be ready to respond.

Many of our members came straight from their work to help those in need and worked tirelessly the whole time, often with little sleep; some of them leaving behind their own flood problems

Harry Dymond
Chief Commissioner, Operations, St John Ambulance

Floodings 2007

Throughout June and July 2007 our volunteers worked tirelessly to help support communities hit by heavy flood waters. We have provided a 24-hour support with volunteers and vehicles in a bid to help people struck by the disaster and set up many rest centres for those evacuated from their homes.

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London bombings 2005

London Bombings 2005In July 2005 at the time of the London bombings, we responded within hours. We were able to provide more than 120 volunteers and staff, 37 ambulances, 20 mobile treatment centres and numerous specialist vehicles, to support the London Ambulance Service. We remained at the three underground stations affected by the bombings, for five days, 24-hours-a day, to provide care, treatment and support to all the underground rescue teams and other workers.

If you would like further information, please call 08700 10 49 50 to be put in touch with your local St John Ambulance branch.