Equal opportunities policy statement

In conformity with the general intention of the requirements of the law St John Ambulance has formulated a general policy statement on equal opportunities as follows:

'To become an equal opportunities organisation, St John Ambulance will promote equality of opportunity in the recruitment, promotion, appraisal, education, training, development and support of its staff and volunteers and treat them on the basis of their relative merits and abilities.'

The law requires that no applicant for employment or member of staff will unjustifiably receive less favourable treatment on the grounds of race, colour, nationality or ethnic origins, sex or marital status and disability.

In addition, staff are protected from discrimination on grounds of part-time or fixed-term status and trades union membership. Every effort will be made to avoid discrimination on grounds of religion, political belief, socio-economic background, parental status, age (subject to normal retirement conventions) and sexual orientation.

St John Ambulance will develop equal opportunities expertise amongst its managers who will have responsibility for promoting, implementing and monitoring the policy throughout St John Ambulance and for any initial investigation into alleged breaches of the policy.

The chief commander and county commanders will be responsible for ensuring that the policy is communicated effectively and is being implemented. St John Ambulance expects the full co-operation of all its staff in promoting equality of opportunity and each will have personal responsibility for promoting and implementing the policy at day-to-day level.

St John Ambulance expects also that the policy will be monitored by each member of staff and by managers.

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