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Latest news from St John Ambulance

St John around the world
Did you know we are part of St John International? St John International acts as a supporting body for the St John organisations across 30 countries worldwide.
5 tips to handle the heat
When temperatures rise, the most common conditions our first aiders come across are fainting, sunburn and dehydration. Here are 5 bits of advice to make sure you enjoy the sun safely.
Festival first aid tips
Whether you’re heading to the Isle of Wight Festival, Parklife or just enjoying a weekend away camping, stay safe and keep in mind our top first aid tips.
Volunteers' Week: Community first responder
One of our volunteer roles is a community first responder, like St John Ambulance volunteer, Tessa Weaver. Learn more about what she does and the day she saved Donnie’s life.
Emergency situation first aid
First aid advice for emergency situations.
London Bridge training venue
Following the incident at London Bridge on Saturday evening, training courses at all our London venues, including London Bridge, will continue to run as normal.
First Father's Day since son saved dad's life
Tony Chapman, a dad from Barton-Upon-Humber, celebrates his first Father's Day since his son Alvin saved his life after performing CPR when he suffered a major cardiac arrest at home.
It's Volunteers' Week!
This week we're celebrating the thousands of incredible St John Ambulance volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to helping to save lives in their community.
SJA newsletter
Our Spring/Summer newsletter is filled with news about what's been happening at St John Ambulance over the last several months.
DIY first aid
Read our essential first aid advice to help with some common DIY injuries.