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Big First Aid Lesson 2017 - life saving stories

Nine-year-old boy saves dad’s life thanks to the skills he learnt the day before

Jack and Keith LowisNine-year-old Jack Lowis, from Bishop Auckland, managed to save his father’s life thanks to the skills he learnt in St John Ambulance's Big First Aid Lesson, just the day before. Father, Keith Lowis, was eating breakfast with his son, when suddenly some cereal got stuck in his throat, causing him to choke.

Thankfully, just the day before, Jack took part in the St John Ambulance Big First Aid Lesson on 3 November, where thousands of children were taught life saving skills across the country, including how to help someone choking.

Jack managed to stay calm, giving his father back blows to dislodge the cereal, just as he was taught to do. He was just about to call for an ambulance when his efforts finally paid off, clearing the blockage and enabling his father to breathe again.

Ironically, Jack’s nickname is ‘Safe Hands’, thanks to him being a quick-thinking goal keeper for his local team, Newton Aycliffe Junior Football Club. Keith Lowis said, 'More and more people are calling him it and it’s certainly very apt'.

'By making first aid easy, accessible and exciting to learn, it is possible for us to create a generation of life savers like Jack, who have the confidence and knowledge of how to help in an emergency should they ever need it.'

- Mel Fox, Director of Training at St John Ambulance

The Big First Aid Lesson took place on 3 November, and was hosted by BAFTA-winning, ‘Secret Life of Boys’ star, Reece Buttery and TV medic, Dr Ranj. Over 3,500 schools signed up to take part in the lesson, which covered a range of first aid topics, such as how to treat burns, treat choking and how to call for help.

Watch the Big First Aid Lesson 2017 trailer:

Missed the live stream? Watch on demand

If you missed the live stream on 3 November 2017, you can still catch up with this year’s Big First Aid Lesson by watching it on demand. Register online and watch it via our microsite.