Everyday Heroes Award

Meet our heroes: Guy Evans Young Hero of the Year finalists

With our Everyday Heroes Awards fast approaching, we want to share the incredible stories of our finalists.

The Guy Evans Young Hero of the Year Award recognises a young person who has saved a life. The award, supported by The Mail on Sunday, is made in honour of Guy Evans, who died when first aid might have given him a chance to live.

Joshua Reece Name: Joshua Reece

Amazing 4 year-old’s 999 call helps save Mum’s life

Joshua was just 4 years old when his quick thinking and bravery helped his Mum during an epileptic seizure. It was one of the hottest days of the year and Joshua was splashing in his paddling pool when his mother was struck down by a seizure, leaving her unresponsive. With his autistic brother also in the house, Joshua knew it was up to him to get help. He rushed into the kitchen and as his mum was ‘starting to turn blue’, the toddler remembered what she had taught him and calmly dialled 999, giving clear instructions of what was happening and where he lived - even remembering to ask the ambulance crew for ID when they arrived at the house. “I’ll be forever grateful to Joshua for calling 999,” says Mum, Natalie. “He is my hero.”

Name: Bethany Simpson

Brave schoolgirl saves stepdad’s life

Thanks to a first aid lesson at school, Bethany Simpson knew just what to do when her dad stopped breathing at home. On hearing her mother screaming, the heroic 10 year-old found her dad unresponsive and her mum frantically dialling 999 for help. Following instructions from the emergency operator, she helped her mum put Robert into the recovery position, but before the ambulance arrived he stopped breathing. “I completely froze,” admits Bethany’s mum Jane. “But Bethany said ‘It’s ok mum, I know what to do’.” As her stepdad went into cardiac arrest, the quick-thinking student started chest compressions and kept it going until the paramedics arrived. “Without my daughter and her first aid training, Robert would be dead and I would be heartbroken. I’m so proud of Bethany and so very, very grateful.”

Name: Charlotte Cleasby

Extraordinary 16 year-old helps Dad survive chainsaw accident

16-year-old Charlotte went to her Dad’s rescue when he fell 10 ft from a ladder with a chainsaw, severing his arm in two places. Charlotte calmly lay her dad down on the floor, elevated his arm and applied pressure to the cuts with clean tea towels. Paramedics later said that the quick-thinking teenager’s actions helped stem the bleeding from her dad’s serious wounds, saving his life. Dad Neil said “I am very proud of my daughter, without her quick thinking and calmness under pressure I am not sure it would have ended well for me.”

Name: Bradley Knight

Heroic teen aids motorbike casualty at crash scene

Bradley, 17, rushed to the scene of a motorcycle accident to help assist a complete stranger. On hearing a loud scraping and bang, Bradley saw a man had fallen off his motorbike. The engine was still running and leaking petrol so he immediately turned it off to prevent further danger. The man had obvious head and leg injuries and a suspected concussion, so Bradley lay him down, supported his leg and treated him for shock. Whilst helping the casualty, a heavily pregnant bystander who witnessed the accident also went in to shock, so Bradley also reassured her and kept her calm as they both waited for the emergency services to arrive.