Motorist saved by first aider

david field

A St John Ambulance first aider put his skills into action to help save the life of Gloucestershire man who had a heart attack while driving his car.

David Field, Divisional Officer for the charity’s Staverton Division, was on his way to work when he came across Fred Perkins’ crashed car.

He dragged the 78-year-old from his vehicle and began Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) before an ambulance arrived to treat Fred.

David, who has been a St John Ambulance trainer and assessor for six years, has now been nominated for a Royal Humane Society award by Gloucestershire Police for his life-saving action.

Fred, who has recently returned home after spending five weeks in hospital following the accident at the end of June, said he had little recollection of the attack but had no doubt that David saved his life.

He said: 'It was about 8:30am and I had been to the sorting office to collect a parcel. I remember driving away towards the fire station and then I don’t remember any more.

'It goes without saying that I am incredibly grateful for what David did and that goes for my whole family. His actions helped save my life.'

David said that when he saw Fred’s crashed vehicle he immediately knew he had to offer help. 'There were a couple of other people on the scene but I went into the car and saw there was someone there,' he explained.

'I couldn’t get a response so pulled him out of the car and began CPR. The ambulance then arrived and shocked him four times before we got him back. Staff at the hospital said that me starting CPR saved him.'

David recently paid a visit to Fred, who is now recovering at his home at The Beeches, Cirencester.

Fred, a member of the town’s Rotary Club, has already pledged to highlight the importance of learning first aid skills and raise the profile of Community First Responders – a joint scheme between St John Ambulance and Great Western Ambulance Service – who provide early patient care prior to the arrival of an ambulance.

Fred added: 'I am very keen to see more people learn about first aid skills and how they can save lives.'