Wimbledon spectators court out by heat

volunteers on duty at wimbledon

Whether its sunburn or excess strawberry consumption, the players and fans at SW19 are in good hands at this years' Wimbledon tournament – thanks to St John Ambulance.

Some 40 members of St John Ambulance London (Prince of Wales's) District will be on site each day throughout the action, responsible for treating or assisting both spectators and competitors.

In one day this week the team treated 40 people, and anticipate treating as many as 70 on a typical day of the tournament.

The charity has been supporting Wimbledon for many years, and Mike Gibbons, Officer In Charge for St John Ambulance London District at Wimbledon, said: 'This particular event is one of the many high-profile operations which St John Ambulance deliver every week throughout London.

'We have a strong relationship with the event organisers and are proud to have the association as the tournament's preferred first aid body.'

St John Ambulance has advised spectators to prepare well for their attendance at this year's Wimbledon, and to remain aware of first aid points – just in case an emergency should arise.

The organisation's top tips include:

  • Stay hydrated – if the weather is hot, ensure you have drink with you at all times. Queuing at events such as Wimbledon can be a lengthy process
  • If you do take medication, make sure you bring it with you
  • Protect yourself from the sun – It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of the event and neglect the risk from sunburn and sunstroke. Cover yourself up and use a good sunblock
  • Prepare for the cold – It's a fact that Wimbledon often brings less than perfect weather, so be prepared for the cold and rain. Take extra layers to ensure you stay warm and dry
  • Keep in contact – Big crowds enhance the risk of losing your nearest and dearest – particularly if one of you requires emergency assistance
  • A mobile phone is always a good resource……but please make sure it's switched off during play!!