Volunteers assist in Hull hospital fire

Still motion shot of St John Ambulance

Dedicated St John Ambulance volunteers were called into action on Saturday 4 October 2008 when a fire at Hull Royal Infirmary Hospital resulted in patients being evacuated.

Four ambulances and crew were called out at approximately 6pm to work with the Yorkshire Ambulance Service and royal hospitals and help transport patients to safety at different hospitals throughout the evening.

Everything was handled very smoothly without panic to patients

Arthur Douglas
Deputy Commissioner, St John Ambulance Humberside

Six ambulances in Lincolnshire and surrounding counties were also on standby.

Arthur Douglas, Deputy Commissioner at St John Ambulance in Humberside said: 'We were ready to set up mobile first aid posts and had crews from neighbouring counties on standby to offer assistance in case a and e closed but fortunately these were not needed. Everything was handled very smoothly without panic to patients.'