Red Bull world finals first aid


First aiders are geared up for an electrifying event in London’s legendary Battersea Power Station this weekend.

Red Bull X-Fighters World Final Tour will be descending upon the UK’s capital, on Saturday 22nd August, to put on an evening of gravity-defying motorbike stunts.

The performance will be situated in front of the unused coal-fired power station and is set to be one of the largest events ever to be held in the shadows of the towers.

It is expected that 17,000 people will be attending the mind-blowing extravaganza. St John Ambulance in London will be deploying:

Our expertly trained volunteers are prepared for the high turnout of spectators.

Dave Bell
Assistant Commissioner Operations, St John Ambulance London

  • over 20 volunteers
  • two ambulances
  • two nurses
  • two treatment centres.

It will be the first time both inside and outside of the redundant power station will be used in entertaining the public.

Robbie Maddison, the famous Australian stunt artist, will be competing with 11 other freestyle motocross riders. The riders each have 90 seconds on the course to impress the judges with awe-inspiring stunts and jumps in order to win the world title.

Dave Bell, Assistant Commissioner Operations for St John Ambulance London, said: 'We are thrilled to be part of such an exhilarating occasion in London. Our expertly trained volunteers are prepared for the high turnout of spectators.'