SJA comments on new manikin

AED Courses

Laerdal Medical has launched a new 'patient simulator' manikin; Simman 3G. Here St John Ambulance comments on its use as a first aid training product.

Dr Meng Aw-Yong, Medical Adviser for St John Ambulance, said: ‘St John Ambulance always welcomes new advances in equipment and teaching techniques which improve the care first aiders can provide.

‘The Simman manikin would be beneficial to healthcare professionals (HCPs) with advanced skills by allowing them to carry out more complicated medical therapies in a safe learning environment. Some of our volunteers are HCPs and they may well find training with this type of manikin helpful but for most people learning first aid, a standard manikin which allows first aiders to practise chest compressions and rescue breaths for CPR is perfectly suitable.’