Motocross crash help

Weston-super-Mare Beach Race 09

First aiders sprang into action on Sunday (11 October 2009) following a crash  at the Weston Beach Race in Weston-super-Mare, Avon.

Thousands of motocross racers took part in an endurance race set to last three hours but within minutes of the start, several bikes collided, with participants and members of the crowd injured.

21 people suffered injuries and a 16 year old racer was taken to hospital critically ill after a collision during the popular event.

We had five ambulances at the scene within minutes.

Jeremy Hughes
St John Ambulance Avon Commissioner Operations

Weston-super-Mare Beach Race 09

Jeremy Hughes, Commissioner Operations at St John Ambulance in Avon said: 'We had five ambulances at the scene within minutes. We quickly realised this was a major incident and requested back up from the Great Western Ambulance Service to help cope with the number of casualties.

'One of the motocross riders was in a serious condition and we had three healthcare professionals including a doctor treating him at the scene before taking him to hospital. Most of the others who were injured suffered suspected fractures so we made them comfortable and transported those we could to hospital while relatives took others. It was a hectic situation but one that was well handled by all involved.'