Coach your kids to cope

First aid for a burn

St John Ambulance, Elastoplast® and Great Ormond Street Hospital have joined forces to launch a new life-saving first aid campaign.

Called Kid Escapades, its aim is to encourage parents to get clued-up on basic and life-saving first aid, and to teach their children crucial life skills.

Kid Escapades

The campaign is a response to an Elastoplast® poll conducted in May this year. One of the major discoveries was that while 85% of parents believe adventure is a significant part of their children’s lives, many are reluctant to allow them to enjoy new experiences.

It is believed this is related to their own lack of first aid knowledge and discussion about risk and danger with their children. Unable to pass on something they do not have, parents are unwilling to expose their children to new experiences for fear they may be adversely affected. This stunts the development of crucial life skills that are important for later in life.

Child psychologist Dr Mandy Bryon from Great Ormond Street Hospital highlights the importance of adventure: 'Allowing your children to experience risk in a controlled environment helps to develop their ability to face risks in the future and builds confidence.  It helps children become resilient and gives them independence to think for themselves.'

Kid Escapades provides expert advice, information and fun, and practical activities about first aid and life skills for parents and children to enjoy together. Available from parents can:

  • Prepare for childhood emergencies by downloading three short first aid videos to their PC or mobile phone. Videos include visual demonstrations from a real mum, and first hand advice from St John Ambulance – cuts and burns; choking and head injuries; resuscitation and recovery position
  • Download the Kid’s Life Skills pack for expert advice and practical activities to help teach their children essential life skills including independence, ingenuity and safety
  • Download the Become an Adventurer pack for fun filled activities to teach kids aged 6-10 about safety, decision-making, basic first aid and other essential life skills

'If parents don’t have the first aid skills to cope with childhood emergencies then they will face difficulty when it comes to teaching their own kids about safety,' said Clive James, first aid trainer at St John Ambulance. ‘You never know when you’ll need to give first aid yourself so it’s a good idea to get prepared now. Download the first aid videos so you always have the advice to hand. They could help you be the difference between a life lost and a life saved.'

Parents lack first aid skills

Elastoplast® statistics show that parents do not know how to deal with major incidents such as head injuries, broken bones or choking (75% of parents do not know how to deal with a choking child).

Even when it came to the basics - like covering a minor wound with a plaster – 70% aren’t following the correct procedures, leaving cuts open to dirt and infection.

More statistics

Research also revealed that:

  • Forty one percent of parents had never talked to their kids about dealing with risks or assessing danger
  • Almost half of the parents surveyed said their children would not be very capable of finding their way home if lost
  • Forty percent thought their children would struggle to ask for help from a responsible adult
  • Sixty-nine percent thought their kids lacked the skills to perform very basic first aid for cuts and burns.

Parents can help teach their kids life skills and learn more about essential first aid by visiting

All sources refer to research commissioned by One Poll, May 2010. Fifteen hundred respondents were parents of children aged 6-12, and 1103 respondents were children aged 6-12.