Prince steps up to first aid challenge

Prince Charles showing off his resuscitation skills

The Sandringham Flower Show proved to be a day to remember for three St John Ambulance Cadets as they were introduced to HRH Prince of Wales.

Cadets challenge HRH

The prince was meeting stand holders and charities represented during the show when he was challenged to display his resuscitation skills by Norfolk Cadets Alicha Palmer, Oliver Needham and Henry Needham.

Having demonstrated the use of the resuscitation manikin, Resusci-Annie, Palmer invited the prince to have a go, explaining that the rhythm of compressions should be that of the tune Nellie the Elephant.

Prince gets into the groove

The prince had little hesitation in demonstrating his skills in resuscitation and also adopted the tune to keep rhythm. 

'He did the heart compressions and made the chest click so we knew he was doing it right,' said Palmer. 

Henry Needham was impressed with the prince's willingness to take part in the exercise.

'We told him about doing the compressions to the rhythm of Nellie the elephant and he started singing the tune while he did it. This has been a great day,' he said.

Cadets epitomise SJA ideology

Mick Coley, county executive at St John Ambulance Norfolk was delighted to have received an invitation to have a presence at the show. While meeting the prince was an unexpected bonus for everyone, he was equally impressed with the Cadets.

'Our Cadets did a fantastic job and even encouraged the Prince of Wales to use our Resusci-Annie doll. They also explained to the prince how St John Ambulance believes that anyone who needs first aid should receive it

‘We want to encourage everybody – young and old – to learn first aid skills so they can be the difference between a life lost and a life saved. Events such as the Sandringham Flower Show are a great way of introducing people to the subject of first aid and explaining what a difference this new found knowledge can make,' said Coley.

As the prince left he admitted to the Cadets that he needs to renew his own first aid certificate.