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First aid for Royal Wedding well-wishersLondon (Prince of Wales) District

Hundreds of volunteers from St John Ambulance were on hand over the weekend to make sure that London's Royal Wedding celebrations passed in safety.

Comprehensive cover

Members of London District on duty during the Royal Wedding

Huge crowds gathered along the route of the wedding procession to send their best wishes to the happy couple. Around 850 St John Ambulance personnel were in place to be the difference by making sure first aid treatment was available to anyone who needed it.

By 5pm, a total of 419 people had been treated, with 36 taken to hospital.

St John Ambulance worked alongside the London Ambulance Service and the British Red Cross during the event. Twenty two treatment centres were set up to cover the event with 20 crewed ambulances on hand to transport anyone needing further treatment to hospital. Ambulance buggies, specially equipped motorbikes and the Cycle Response Unit were also deployed.

Memorable day

Ann Cable, Commissioner of St John Ambulance London (Prince of Wales's) District, who was in charge of the Charity's first aid cover at the event, said: 'We are delighted and proud to have been involved in the celebrations of the Royal Wedding and it has been a truly memorable day for everyone, it's been a real success.

'We believe that first aid treatment should be available to anyone who needs it, and we are pleased to have been on hand to make sure that this event passed safely and that the day will be remembered for all the right reasons.

'Planning first aid cover for such a large event is a demanding and complex process, and I would like to thank all our staff and Volunteers for their hard work and dedication.'