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Radio transcript one - 'Carpet Universe'

A typical, low budget radio commercial for a carpet warehouse plays.

Male Voice Over 1:  This weekend it’s the better than half price sale carpetuniverse! Prices are slashed off thousands of carpets. But hurry, offe…

Suddenly the presenter stops mid-sentence and let’s out a groan of pain.

The music continues in the background for a few seconds before coming to an abrupt halt.

We hear the presenter collapsing onto the recording desk, sending a glass of water flying.

We then hear the studio door fly open and the sound engineer come in. He doesn’t know what to do and starts to panic, shouting out for help as the voiceover man stops breathing altogether.

Male Voice Over 2:  Mike are you alright?  Mike? Mike can you hear me? Mike?  Somebody help, please, somebody!

Voice Over:  Would you know what to do if someone you’re with had a heart attack? 
Search First Aid online and you could be the difference between life and death.  St John Ambulance.  The difference.