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Radio transcript two - 'Sofa Village'

A typical, low budget radio commercial for a discount sofa centre plays in the background.

Female Voice Over 1: If you need a sofa, there’s only one place to go.

Male Voice Over: Sofa Village on the Kingsland Road.

FVO 1: Sofa Village have thousands of sofas at prices that won’t break the bank.

MVO: And with, and with our special 0% ….

Suddenly, the female voice over artist stops mid-sentence and gasps for breath.

The music stops abruptly.

FVO 1(talking in her normal voice): Guys can you stop the music?

FVO 1: Ben are you alright?  Ben?

Suddenly we hear the sound of the male voice over collapsing onto the recording desk.

FVO 1: Guys he's collapsed.  Can somebody help me?  Please can someone come in here, I don’t know what… can you call someone please?

FVO 2: Would you know what to do if someone you’re with stopped breathing? Search First Aid online, and you could be the difference between life and death. St John Ambulance. The difference.