St John Ambulance volunteers prepare for action at Wimbledon

Members of St John Ambulance providing first aid cover at the Wimbledon tennis tournament

As tennis fans look forward to a fortnight of world class tennis at Wimbledon, St John Ambulance volunteers are preparing to be the difference by providing first aid cover at the championships.

Familiar sight since 1988

The charity’s trained volunteers will be on hand to keep spectators at SW19 safe by making sure that first aid treatment is available to everyone who needs it.

Members from all over London will be involved and about 50 first aid volunteers will be present each day. St John Ambulance will also deploy doctors, nurses and an ambulance to transport serious cases to hospital.

St John Ambulance in London provides first aid cover at a wide number of events throughout the year and has a long-standing relationship with the All England Lawn Tennis Club. Since 1988, the Charity has treated more than 36,000 people at the event.

Come prepared for the conditions

Ann Cable, Commissioner of St John Ambulance London, said: ‘During our time covering Wimbledon, we’ve treated all sorts of illnesses and injuries, from headaches and grazes to more serious problems.

‘We are determined to be the difference by making sure that first aid is available to everyone who needs it.’

She added: ‘We would urge everyone to make themselves aware of the first aid points just in case an emergency should arise.

‘We would also encourage people to check the weather forecast and bring a waterproof jacket if it’s likely to be wet, and bring a hat and suncream if it’s looking likely to be warm.’

The charity’s top tips for enjoying the weather safely include:

Stay hydrated – If the weather is hot; ensure you have water with you at all times. Queuing at events such as Wimbledon can be a lengthy process.

Protect yourself from the sun – It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the event and neglect the risk from sunburn and sunstroke. Cover yourself up and use a good sunblock.

Wear a hat – This will provide extra protection against the sun.

Take a waterproof jacket – If the forecast is for wet weather, bring a waterproof coat or jacket to avoid getting too cold if caught in showers.