Young first aider of the year award winners 2012

Kim Magee

Cadet Corporal Kim Magee – Army Cadet Force

Aged 15

In February 2010 whilst on her way to Church, Kim stopped off at her local shop to buy some sweets. Whilst in the shop Kim noticed another girl, Kerrie, in the shop who was choking and finding it increasingly hard to breathe. Kerrie was getting redder and redder; she tried to speak but was unable to do so. Kim realising the seriousness of the situation tried slapping her on her back to clear the sweet but this proved to be ineffective. Kim then decided to do abdominal thrusts, placing her arms round Kerrie’s stomach and started thrusts. After a series of abdominal thrusts the sweet came out.

Nathan Morris 

Nathan Morris

Aged 8

In February 2011 an emergency call was placed to the South Western Ambulance Service from a young boy, Nathan, whose mother, Laura was having a fit. Nathan calmly made the call lasting over eight minutes, answering all questions whilst his mother lay unresponsive. Nathan not only made the call, but followed all instructions and kept calm throughout, giving clear information resulting in an early attendance by paramedics.

Laura made a good recovery but has had further fits since. On at least one occasion Nathan has been the one to call for help.

Dominic Pearson – Army Cadet Force

Aged 17

Ioannis Woodruff – Army Cadet Force

Aged 16

Dominic Pearson and Ioannis Woodruff

Dominic and Ioannis were on the bus on their way to a Cadet meeting when they witnessed a motor-cycle colliding with a car. They leapt off the bus and found 2 casualties - the motor-cyclist and the female driver of the car. Dominic dealt with the motor-cyclist who had sustained injuries to his legs and face; he was suffering from shock and was semi-responsive. A bystander offered a first aid kit and assisted Dominic in applying bandages. Dominic maintained constant re-assurance of the casualty and also kept bystanders from crowding the casualty. Dominic gave a clear and professional handover to the paramedics who took at least 30 minutes to arrive.

Ioannis dealt with the women driver of the car who was shaking and in shock. Ioannis took the woman away from the scene, reassured her and checked her for injuries. He also reassured her young son who was also in the car. Ioannis then directed the traffic which had become a hazard.

Cadet Ryan Speight – Army Cadet Force

Aged 15

Cadet Corporal Michel Stanton – Army Cadet Force

Aged 16

Ryan Speight and Michel Stanton

Ryan and Michel were setting off to go home on their bikes through Wombwell High Street when they heard two gentlemen talking about an incident that just happened. They continued their journey through the High Street regardless and came across a man on the floor with people standing around him, shouting and swearing at each other. Initially they both thought it was a drunken man on the floor, but as they got closer they found that the man was bleeding and there was a lot of blood around him.

Ryan and Michael immediately got off their bikes and went to see if they could offer assistance. They tried to find out what had happened but they found it difficult to understand what most of the bystanders were saying due to the animation of the incident. Ryan asked everyone to calm down and move back to give them both space around the casualty. Ryan and Michael made an initial assessment of the casualty’s injuries. The victim’s face was covered in blood and it looked as if his nose was hanging off, the man was unresponsive. Ryan asked one of the casualty’s friends what had happened and she replied that he had been hit in the face, but due to his injuries it was clearly more than a punch, it was more likely that the casualty had been continuously beaten. Ryan and Michael then placed the casualty into the recovery position. The casualty was still bleeding heavily, so to prevent the man from choking on his own blood Ryan and Michael elevated the casualty’s head away from the blood whilst keeping the casualty in the recovery position.

Ryan’s mum who had been in attendance at the same parade night as the boys was travelling home separately in her car, noticed the scene and stopped to see if she could assist. Ryan’s mum rang the emergency services.

While Ryan’s mum was dealing with the casualty Ryan spotted another man laid on the floor, leaving his mum with the first casualty Ryan and Michael rushed over to the other man. The second casualty was not involved in the same incident as the first, he was a drunk man who, when trying to get on the bus in order to make his way home had fallen off the bus and hit his head on the concrete floor, but the bus driver did nothing and simply drove off.

The second casualty was responsive but hard to understand. After trying to ascertain what had happened to the casualty, Ryan took off his combat jacket and wrapped it round the casualty to keep him warm and Michael rested the casualty’s head on his legs, keeping it elevated in order that not too much blood would go to his head as he had a very large bump on his head. Ryan and Michael continued to administer first aid until the paramedics arrived.

Able Cadet Kimberly Stubbs - Sea Cadet

Kimberly Stubbs

Aged 16

Kimberly was coaching at her local trampoline club in Milton Keynes when one of the students started screaming and running across the trampoline, Kimberly was quick to realise that blood was spurting out of the student’s arm. Immediately applying pressure with her hands, Kimberly called for help while trying to calm the casualty. Seeing a jumper nearby, Kimberly asked someone to pass it to her and managed, without releasing pressure, to cover the wound with it. Though adult supervisors arrived on scene, Kimberly continued applying pressure and reassuring the casualty that she would be alright, until the ambulance arrived and the paramedics were able to take over.

Cadet Lance Corporal Adam Williams - Army Cadet Force

Adam Williams

Aged 16

Adam and his brother Jared were playing on their bikes when Jared rode his bike off a ramp and landed headfirst on the road. Adam ensured his brother stayed conscious and instructed bystanders to telephone the emergency services. Adam applied pressure to Jared’s head to stop the bleeding; he ensured his brother wasn’t moved until the paramedics arrived. Adam was able to put aside his emotions and keep calm while constantly reassuring Jared.

Jared sustained a severe laceration to the head requiring 12 stitches and multiple compound fractures to the thoracic spine. He has now made a full recovery with no paralysis.

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