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Our fundraisers are trained with life saving skills

2 April 2014

Forty more of our fundraisers have recently been first aid trained to be the difference between a life lost and a life saved.

 Fundraisers learn first aid

Thanks to our charitable training team, fundraisers who work with us from our fundraising partner, Wesser, have learnt life saving skills.

Our door to door fundraisers work in local communities across the country, sometimes in very remote towns and villages, where the need for trained first aiders is constant and prevalent. And, on average it takes an ambulance six minutes to arrive. By training more people with first aid skills, we are making our communities safer one location at a time.

By working with our fundraisers to increase their first aid confidence, we give them the knowledge and enthusiasm to share the necessity for these vital skills with others. It is through sharing the importance of first aid, that we worked with Wesser to raise £4.1 million to further our charitable programmes last year alone.

‘We employ people who truly believe in the charity, and will help us meet our goal – than no one should suffer from a lack of trained first aiders,’ said Sam Butler, our Acquisitions and Communications Manager.

All donations raised go back to our charitable programmes, which provide free first aid training to schools, youth programmes and community projects.